How to Install SDK

How to Install SDK

How to Install SDK

1 - Install SDK From Android Studio

after download android Press Next Button

then uncheck Android Virtual Device and Press Next

then Press Next

Press Install and wait installing finish

after installing finish press Next

Press Finish

choose Do not import settings and press Ok

after android studio opening press Next

choose Standard and press Next

press Next

Press Next

choose Accept and press Finish and wait sdk downloaded

after sdk downloaded Press Finish

choose More Actions and choose SDK Manager, in the android studio old version choose Configure then choose SDK Manager

- in the SDK Platforms Check boxes from android 25 to latest android

and in the SDK Tools Tap you will find in bottom right Show Package Details option check it then in the Android SDK Build-Tools check boxes 25 and 30 and 31 and 32 to latest version and uncheck box 32.1.0-rc1 and 33.0.0 rc2 if found or any android sdk build tool end with rc1 or rc2 if found because it have a problem then Press Apply and Ok and wait until sdk installing then Press Finish

copy Android SDK Location and Press Ok

Open Pc icon then type sdk location in the top then press Enter

in the android sdk location you will find folder name build-tools open it and open folder name 31 and you will find file name d8 change it to dx , and you will find folder name lib and you will find file name d8 change it to dx , now back to folder build-tools and do samething to folder name 32 change file name d8 to dx and in the folder lib change d8 to dx and in the build-tools Folder if find new folder for example 33 or any latest folder change d8 file on it to dx and in the lib folder too change d8 to dx .

After that go to android sdk location again then open folder name tools and choose file name package and choose Open with and choose Notepad after file opened press Ctrl + f to open search box and type obsolete and press Enter and change obsolete value from true to false and save file by Ctrl + s then close it .

Now you can Copy Android SDk Location and Paste it in any program require it .